The Hodges Life: Tiny Kitty

May 12, 2017

You guessed it! Another kitty found us!
In no way do we need another little kitty, but….. we have the room and the love, and well, they just seem to find us.

Let’s rewind to Monday. I wake up and go about my normal routine, letting the dogs out in the backyard… until Charlie, our Red-boned Coon hound stops in the doorway and is barking incessantly. You know that bark, the one that say’s “Hey you! You stranger! Rawr!” I walk out and there is a man standing in our back yard! A Man! In MY Yard! My body went into overdrive deciding what to do. Frozen, I start yelling/questioning him, Thank God Daniel was home. Long-story short, the man is a roofer and got the wrong house- he was supposed to be at the neighbor’s behind us…. Ring the doorbell, knock! Don’t just go in people’s yards!
Anywho… the next day, Daniel and I are in the backyard checking on the veggies in our garden and hear this shrill noise. I passed it off as a mocking bird, but Daniel looks over the fence and to our surprise,  sees this kitten. Now the cats on our street are all fixed and this kitten couldn’t have come from any of them. I’m convinced the roofers saw the other cats on their porch and decided it was a good place to drop off an unwanted kitten.

So, we call the neighbors, go check out the kitten that has now wedged itself in the engine of their Chevy Malibou. Daniel and neighbor were able to get it out (Daniel-0, Kitten-1). Neighbor would keep it outside, and I just can’t let that happen. So here we are with a kitten. A skinny, bone-thin kitten who obviously hasn’t eaten in far too long.
The fiasco continues when walking the kitten to our house, Daniel steps on glass and needs stitches. Oh the saga.

No-Name is 1 wapping pound, 5 weeks old, and has the house in a fuss.