Alaska. 2014

May 15, 2017

My most FAVORITE vacation with my mom is of our trip to Alaska back in May 2014!
We were both in a funk and needed to get out of our routine, much the way most of our trips begin. But this time we thought: Let’s do something we have always wanted to do! Let’s book it and commit and that way we don’t just say we are going to go- we WILL go. And so we did. Alaska was the place for us!

With neither of us being that far away from home before, and true home-bodies… we decided to go the cruising route. Everything is paid for at once, don’t have to worry about meals or where we will sleep- it seemed like the way to go.

I was SOOOOOOO excited to fulfill a couple of bucket list items for me: going to Alaska & seeing a Humpback Whale in the wild. Mom wanted to Zip-line! Not only did we zip-line through the rain forest canopy, see humpback whales, hike through the forests, see glaciers, we also saw Orcas!! This trip was a dream come true! The cruising part was okay, but I think next time I go, I want to stay in the towns for a day or two each instead of hopping and skipping along so quickly. Here are some of my favorite moments with my Momma in Alaska. =D