The Pink Pelican Newborn Studio. Jacksonville, FL

May 24, 2017

Shortly before our wedding back in October, I went to my soon-to-be husband and said, “I just HAVE to figure out a way to have a newborn studio!” It was something my heart truly desired- a space of my own with my own collection of props, wraps, and accessories. A place to grow and dream and reach my potential. A place where I could have clients come to me to a space that would be set up for exactly what I needed to photograph a newborn. And so, after much thought with some major reality checks, we found the solution. A shed. Now… at first I was a little skeptical- I wanted to make sure that my clients didn’t feel like they were bringing their brand new baby, their most precious thing in existence, into a shed! We worked so hard insulating, dry-walling, painting, adding floors, an AC so that this space would be beautiful. I tell you, if I never have to install dry-wall ever again it would be too soon.

The Pink Pelican newborn studio is perfect for newborns up to one years old, hitting all of those big milestones in the first year. It offers a cozy space for sitting as well as an area for portraits with a backdrop, posing newborns on the bean bag, and an area for reveal appointments for viewing final images.
This space holds props, wraps, headbands, accessories, and even more that we incorporate into sessions. This is also the space where I create those custom looks, including painting backdrops. My husband’s workshop is located directly behind the studio and this is where he builds props for my newborns. What I love most about this space is that we are only limited by what our imagination can dream up!