Care Bears Themed Cake Smash. Jacksonville, Fl. Alaric

May 30, 2017

Creating Cake Smash sessions are my jam! Alaric’s Momma went with a theme that is true to Al. He loves his singing Care Bears and she wanted to remember his first year and theme a session around what he loved!  Being this guy’s photographer this past year has been wonderful! We hit all the milestones and I can’t believe it’s over! When it came time to create his grand finale of a cake smash, I wanted it to be perfect for him! The funniest thing was that Alaric is sooooo used to getting his photograph taken. We know how to get him to smile- the faithful songs like “Daddy Finger” and “The Wheels on the Bus,” mom even practiced with the cake tasting beforehand. We were so sure he was going to smash his cake to smithereens, but of course you can never know what a one year old will do. Sure enough, he wanted none of the fuss! I think the session was a success either way, because meltdown photos are great memories, especially for use as embarrassing pics when they grow up! =D