The Big Announcement. Expecting Tyler Twins. Jacksonville, FL Photographer

July 6, 2017

I cannot fathom the excitement and anticipation with knowing you have a little one growing inside and waiting to tell family and friends. It’s such BIG news, I wouldn’t be able to stand it! Brittany and Tyler had even bigger news when they saw not one, but TWO little peanuts on their sonogram! Much to their surprise they found out it’s twins! My favorite part of their story was when the doctor asked Matt (a few times), “Matt, are you okay?” I’m sure the shock on his face was priceless. They wanted to announce their twin pregnancy is a special way by getting it photographed to share with the world.

While the rest of Jacksonville was claiming their spot to get the best view of the fireworks on the river, the Tyler’s and I met at Alpine Groves Park  on Independence Day. We had the entire park to ourselves and the weather cooperated perfectly for us… minus the HEAT! The sun peaked out from behind a huge cloud and gifted us with a gorgeous orangey-pink sky.
I love that they kept their session classic with two red wagons and teddy bears. Brittany was glowing the entire time.

The Tyler’s are going to be amazing parents! It was such a joy to hear the way the spoke to each other- laughing, caring, and so kind. I just love seeing this joy in couples. They are the people you just want to be around. During the session, I could really get a sense of how excited and eager they were to share with their friends. Expecting twins makes a tiny little belly show a little bit quicker than normal and Brittany was ready to “come out from hiding” as she stated!

I am SO excited for these two and I can’t wait to see their family double with even more love.