Elmo Themed One Year Cake Smash. Jacksonville, FL

July 17, 2017

Amelia’s One Year Cake Smash session was perfect!

I can’t believe I just photographed this sweet girl for her last milestone session with me. I’m in denial! I have seen this girl grow from a bump in her mom’s belly, to her newborn session (before I had a studio), all the way to her 6 month and One Year!! (Links to those sessions below.)  At each one of her sessions I always end up leaving thinking, “Oh this was my new favorite.” It just keeps getting better and better.

A few months ago, Amelia modeled some baby clothes for a clothing brand I was photographing. When her mom mentioned the theme she was imaging for her Cake Smash session, Amelia kept saying, “Elmo!” Oh my heart! Elmo it is sweet girl! Pink, pretty, and sweet Elmo for a pretty and sweet little girl.
There was no doubt we needed to get big sister in some of the photos because these two are two peas in a pod. Dallas is an amaaazing

sister to Amelia, so attentive, making her laugh and laugh, giving cuddles and kisses. She was a huge help with Amelia’s portraits and I don’t think we could’ve gotten the awesome photos we did without her. She is a wonderful example for Amelia because soon enough she will be following in her footsteps of becoming a big sister herself! That’s right, Dallas and Amelia have a baby brother or sister on the way!

I have loved every single minute of working with this family. From day one they have been nothing but a joy. My absolute favorite part is listening to how their mom & dad lift up, encourage, and tell their girls how beautiful they are. It’s the language of their family. This is how you raise girls to become confident, positive women. This is how I hope to be with my children. Each family I see, each love story, is inspiring to see. I feel like I am remember pieces of each story, each love language, each priceless moment and am bottling it up to create that for my future family.
So without further ado, here are my favorites from sweet Amelia’s Elmo Themed One Year Cake Smash:

Links to when Amelia was in her mom’s belly: Maternity
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