One Year Cake Smash, Beach Theme, Jacksonville, FL

July 20, 2017

Gunnar is turning one and loves the beach! When it’s way too hot in north Florida to hit the beach (or there’s unpredictable weather), especially for a cake smash session with a one year old, we bring the beach to us!

This session was a ton of fun to plan. We have painted backdrops, balloons, props, and even real sand!

This was the first time I have met sweet Gunnar and like most of my One year old babies, he was on the move!  It can be difficult to find something to get them to sit still long enough for some photos. Bubbles are my go to and he loved them! Luckily, mom brought his Dory stuffed animal and the best part was she also brought blueberries, a favorite for him! We got some great smiles with the promise of an unending supply of blueberries. I think he was really interested in checking out all the fun things around the studio.

We started with portraits including adorable outfits mom brought and then set up for the beach for the grand finale! Gunnar’s cake was perfect for the session! Alleycakes creates the most beautiful cakes (and other sweets), and not to mention how delicious!! When it came time for smashing, that blue icing was all the pop of color! We couldn’t stop laughing at Gunnar’s ab workout. He hated the idea of his feet sitting in the icing, so you can see from the pictures he chose to keep them lifted. These little ones are just hilarious. I think no matter how much we wiped him down with wet wipes after, mom had a blue baby for a day! I always say, the messier, the better.

It is a joy to photograph one year cake smash sessions. They are a favorite around here because we get to let baby do what they want to do. The giggles, the excitement, and the curiosity when a huge cake is placed in front of them… “come to papa!” I always imagine them saying.