Feathers, Dream Catchers, and Watercolor. St. Augustine Newborn Photographer.

November 9, 2017

I headed to St. Augustine for an in-home session only to be blown away with this sweet girls nursery! Walking into this newborn nursery for Nora’s in-home newborn session made my heart sing! The dream catcher, vintage bonnets, watercolor, flowers, and feathers. This photographer was in newborn heaven!

The beautiful thing about in-home sessions, and the reason I still offer them… are because there are so many details and touches that show so much love and joy for the new arrival! While Nora was being fed to get ready for her photos, I was able to take my time looking around her nursery and I was so impressed with the creativity Mom put into each detail. At her baby shower, she had all her friends and family paint rocks and make bows for Nora. I’m definitely adding that to my list for future baby Hodges.
My eyes lit up when I saw a gorgeous dream catcher just screaming to be used for portraits! How lucky am I to have such wonderful, creative people to work with?

Nora also happened to be the tiniest newborn I have worked with so far, at just 5 pounds. She was a dream! So content and sleepy during her session. What a sweet baby girl! I love when I can get some images of babies with their eyes open for Mom. She was just perfect, staying content and happy when awake, then falling asleep when she got all snuggled up. There was no doubt though, that she preferred to be wrapped. She let me know that she was not okay with nakey shots, and I am okay with that. Wrapped, warm, and cozy it is baby girl!

Sweet Nora, you were a joy to work with. After having met you for just a few short hours, I can tell you are SO dearly loved by your family.