A session for the whole family. Jacksonville, FL.

January 17, 2018

Pets are family too! When it comes to bringing your furry friends to your photo session, I say YES!

There are some things to consider. First, if do they need to stay on leash? Do they know sit and stay? In either case, I always recommend bringing someone along to be the dog whisperer. This person is in charge of your pet for breaks, to get their attention behind the camera, and to watch during those moments when they aren’t in the pictures.

Now, all this did NOT happen for Corey and Janel’s session because Bella and Shelly were so well-behaved! I loved every image from their session and had a hard time choosing just a few to share…

I met Corey and Janel while working at the zoo. Corey is the supervisor of Elephants and Janel is a keeper, working mostly with Rhinos, Tigers, Okapi, Cheetahs, and many other mammals. Daniel and I quickly became friends with them! I was so excited when they asked me to photograph a session for them with their dogs. I knew the perfect place which is beautiful, not too crowded, and ideal for having their well-behaved girls off leash: Blue Cypress Park.

It was important for them to get a few specific images with both their dogs and I am so glad I could provide that for them. Shelly to them reminds me of my dear Sandy. She is an old sweet girl who they cherish dearly. Bella loves to run and Corey mentioned his favorite time with her is having her run at full speed around them. Pure Joy.

The evening was just perfect for us. Not too cold, the sunset was lovely coming through the moss. It glows so magically and makes my heart happy! This session will always be one of my favorites: good people, sweet pups, wonderful location and weather, and easy-going. Happy photographer!