Newborn Twins, Daniel & Luke. Jacksonville, FL Photographer.

February 22, 2018

Twin newborns are just about the sweetest to photograph! These baby boys, Daniel and Luke have been quite a surprise for their parents. Already having been blessed with two boys, their third pregnancy through them for a loop when there was not one, but TWO heartbeats… and they are both boys!

Both have been through so much already in the short time they’ve been earth-side. Being in and out of the hospital, it just made sense for me to photograph their newborn session in their home. This just goes to show that it’s NEVER too late to photograph your baby. These two were about 5 to 6 weeks old for this session and they both did wonderfully while I posed them. All the photographing and posing must have made these little models work hard because they were chowing down through the whole session! They had mom and me laughing for hours.

It never fails that for each newborn session, I am so surprised at the personalities these little humans have already. I could already tell that Luke was more laid-back than Daniel, and Daniel loved being held and mommy’s cuddles. They would get a little frustrated with each other when the other was in his space, but I could tell they found it comforting as well… brothers. Mom was a genius by the way and made a little system out of helping others keep track of which baby is which. Daniel dark, Luke light. I don’t think mom will ever have to worry about anyone messing with her, between four sons and a husband who is a police officer, she will always be surrounded by love from her boys.

As I walked into their home, I was immediately aware of the feeling of family and love that was in this place. All the boys were so sweet, fun, playful, and well-behaved. There was laughter and smiling, and so much joy. Family is my favorite.