Camp Milton, Jacksonville, FL. O’Dell Family Session

March 22, 2018

As a photographer, I have dreams of fields of long golden grass… and now I know it’s possible! Camp Milton to the rescue!

The sun refused to come out for the O’Dell’s family session, but it was still beautiful as ever. When each person in the family looks like a model, it’s hard to get a bad picture. Mary is my cousin and her family is so sweet! They stay busy with work, school, and sports and have always been the kindest people. No doubt they are passing that down to their kids who are nothing but sweetness to anyone they meet.

Having moved back to Jacksonville after living in Texas for several years, it only made sense to choose a rustic location to fill this family’s home with photos. I had never been to Camp Milton before this session and now I can’t wait to go back! The park is so peaceful. Long grass, large barn, and other areas I have yet to explore. I can just imagine it’s potential.

Family photos are so important to keep updated. Photographing little ones, it’s easy to keep in mind all the milestones that should be documented: maternity, newborn, 6 months, one year, potty training, bath time, spaghetti smashing, etc. However as a family, it can be hard to determine when is a good time to have photographs done, especially as life gets busy. I think once a year is a great start. A lot of families like to have them done around Christmas time to get cards in the mail. But don’t forget to change it up with the seasons! Spring, even in North Florida, can offer a colorful backdrop that winter can’t. If once a year is a little too often for your preference, you can also have family pictures done if there is a big move, a new location. Maybe a session in your new home, a session documenting those extracurricular activities the family is into, or just your favorite park.

Here are some of my favorite photographs from the O’Dell family’s session: