Baby Emory. Jacksonville, FL

May 29, 2018

Being a newborn photographer in Jacksonville has brought so much joy to my life. I’m pleasantly surprised and extremely grateful with the moms I get to meet. They are my people! I don’t know how I’ve gotten so lucky, but the moms I meet are the best there are in Jax. Emory’s mom was exactly this. She came into my studio as a stranger and was nothing but kind, complimentary, and patient as I worked with her baby girl.

Emory’s session had everything I love: heirlooms, flowers, and little bit of her personality!
Mom brought a few items for me to photographer her in, one is a piece of cream lace that her and her husband were married under. The lace was hung and used in their wedding!

Another piece of lace I wrapped Emory in was a pink dress that her mother wore during her maternity photography session. I paired that with a headband full of pink bows that mom brought and it was just too cute! I absolutely LOVE incorporating heirlooms and sentimental items into newborn sessions. It’s family history and growth all in one.

Emory’s newborn session took place right around Easter so it just made sense to incorporate a little bit of the holiday. I always try to get one setup with baby if there is a holiday approaching. I think it helps establish a time reference especially when someone is flipping through her album several years down the road.

Jacksonville, hands-down, has the best moms and I am so lucky and thankful to be doing what I love. I just hope that with each photograph, I am helping to preserve family history and all the love that exists for this tiny little human. As a photographer, if I could encourage all the moms out there to do one thing, it would be to make albums! Albums are easy to store, can line the bookshelves years from now to reminisce, can be handed down through generations, and are in print!

Here are a few of my favorite images from baby Emory’s Newborn Session.