Doughnot Grow Up! Alaric Turns 2

June 8, 2018

The Pink Pelican Studio is located at my home in Jacksonville and it is small. I usually say that it’s for newborns through the first year (one year cake smash). This is because once those feet hit the floor, it’s very hard to photograph little ones on the move in a tiny space! However, we finally have a great way to photograph a two year old milestone session!

I have been photographing Alaric since I met his parent’s for their Announcement session. He is pretty familiar with my studio and what is expected. At every session he is nothing but giggly and smiley for the camera. Laughing and dancing while we sing his favorite songs. We have done 6 months, 9 months, One Year, potty training, spaghetti smash, even modeling his mommy’s clothing line Elevensies Clothing. There is one occasion though where it’s all just too much… and that’s when it is his birthday! You know that song, “it’s my party I can cry if I want to?” Alaric definitely does not like photos taken when we celebrate his birthday! After rescheduling and trying for a second time, we got our happy Alaric back.

Oh Tootles! Alaric loves Micky Mouse Clubhouse these days and what a perfect way to commemorate turning two years old than with doughnuts and his favorite characters? It didn’t quite make sense for us to do another cake smash session, I mean those are special when you are one! Alaric and his mom are avid doughnut eaters and their favorite place to get doughnuts in Jacksonville is at the Mini Bar Doughnuts. He sure loved those tasty little treats and the sugar rushed made for some fun family photos at the end of his session. He even snagged his daddy’s shoes and was flopping around the studio in them making us all crack up with laughter. Happy birthday big guy!