The Cannon’s Newest Addition, Addison. Jacksonville, FL Newborn

December 6, 2018

I LOVE photos of newborns with their older siblings. It is a wonderful challenge as you never know how it will go, especially with little ones. Often big brother or sister has a different idea of how they want it to go, and so working with them and their comfort is key.

Everett was such a sweet and spunky little guy! He let me capture a few sweet images and get ones that were ideal for a composite. The comfort and happiness of of siblings is important because we don’t want red faces for family portraits, but I also keep in mind the most important thing which is safety of baby. I strive for a positive experience all around and Addison’s newborn session was wonderful!

Addison was wide eyed for the first part of her session allowing us to capture those big baby blues for a few images. Then she went nicely to sleep while we carried on with her colorful session. I love all the colors incorporated in this session with the sweet girly lace and flowers. A beautiful reflection of Addison’s sweet personality.

Here are a few of my favorites from Addison’s session: