Jacksonville Beach, FL Photographer. Savage Family

January 13, 2019

I have been photographing this little guy every Christmas for 3 years now. When his mom asked me to do a family session for his second birthday, I was very excited. Liam is a blast, incredibly smart (telling me all about the dinosaurs), and has been a joy to see grow in front of my camera.

The Savage family’s favorite place is at the beach. With a house at Jax Beach, it was the best place to capture some memorable family photographs. We started at the park nearby and then headed to the beach to play in the waves.

Liam’s curiosity has definitely grown and I enjoyed exploring around the park with him. He is such a ham and I think it shows in his images! The three of us were racing to keep up to see what he had found next. I still think that Liam’s favorite part about having photo sessions is that he gets to run through the waves with his clothes on. He is fearless and did not hesitate one bit, heading full steam ahead with dinosaur in hand, knee deep in the ocean.

Once his toes hit the sand, Liam is in his own little world and it’s just up to us adults to keep up! Mom and Dad are, of course, just wonderful. Both are extremely easy-going and up for whatever happens during our time together. I think this helps to have such successful photographs in the end. Letting the little ones run and explore and be themselves. Doing this seems to help when I ask for posed family pictures and in the end makes for a gallery of images that can be used in so many ways. I love every minute I get to watch him and capture his personality.

Here are some of my favorite images from one of my favorite family’s photo session: